Wednesday, 17 August 2016 pays to be In with the Family.

Entry requirements to Kos = 1 Passport

Entry to the Resort= an open mind and zest for Life

Entry to become a Patriot= Make friends, share in the life of all things Greek, become passionate about the people and place

Entry to a Family or two= Love, loyalty, laughter, sharing and caring and remaining friends for years and years.

If you’ve past the test and been adopted by a Local Family or more, your experience will be so much richer for it. They will love you, look after you, be prepared to give advice and guidance whether you want it or not and it may conflict between one person and another but you have had your card marked and that is nothing like having a residents visa. When you’ve been spat on three times you know you’re in.

Boo’s first visit to Kefalos was met with spitting, eager to meet my niece γιαγιά, Frosini, Vangelia and Maria came forward with open arms and spat on her more of a Ftou, ftou, ftou. Don’t know what Boo needed protecting from.Such an honour even if Boo needed an explanation afterwards. She’s been going ever since and regards it as home. Hospitality has extended to all my friends and family to date and when you see people warmly embraced time after time you realise how different life is here. Even the language is no barrier.

Some years ago I set up a business Venture called Greek in a Week and roped my Greek Family into teaching Greek language and Cookery to guests. Isabelle, Amy and Dot saw my advert in the Times Educational Supplement and came out for the first holiday. They loved it, Cooked and ate, chatted and took part in the Family experience. Dot over dosed on water melon, although it wasn’t her I had to take to the Doctors. Isabelle got sore throat problems so we went up to the Village Doctor and sat waiting our turn. Not entirely sure whose turn it was as it was all Greek to us but people were keeping a mental note of who arrived when and so on. Yiayia was there chatting to her friends as we waited and waited. It’s always slow. The closer we got to our turn, the closer we got to the Doctors door. A bit like musical chairs and you had to keep your wits about you. Anyway when it came to us one of the Ladies disagreed and as we sat down not willing to offend anyone although worried because we were so close to lunchtime and that would be it for another day, Yiayia stood up and came to our rescue. After a few loud choice words and what appeared to be an argument we were ushered in and all was calm. You see it’s always who you know not what you know. I don’t know what Yiayia said but it worked and nobody is going to disagree with a Greek Matriarch.