Thursday, 30 April 2015

Kos is my favourite High Street

The closest Kos gets to the uniformity of a British High Street is MacDonalds and Lidl if you want to drive out of the town centre towards Zipari. You’ll be heartened to leave behind  the dreary sameness of so many towns of identikit Britain on which every High street has a Monsoon, M&S, Starbucks, Debenhams and New Look to name just a few .

Be prepared for the shopping experience of York or Brighton. Park up and wander down through the lanes. It’s a paradise for browsers, you’ll find the opportunity to spend little or lots. Exquisite Greek jewellery or bright bold beads and bangles, Leather, bags, shoes, pottery, paintings, gifts and all manner of trinkets and holiday memorabilia and plenty of opportunity to sit down and relax for a drink or something more. I just love Bitter Sweet for the ice cream sundaes, heaven.
As you near the square you start to find the everyday shops, the shops that stay open all year and serve the whole community. Be prepared for the shoe and fashion shops but before you explore these spend a while relaxing in the square and take time to people watch. Night or day there is always something going on. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, an easy place to find. I love to sit outside Aegli a co-operative restaurant run by women, they make their own traditional recipes and I always go home with their biscuits.

Before leaving the square you must go into the Agora. Walk in through any door and you will experience an immediate assault on the senses. An intoxicating mix of sweet and sour, sugar and spice. The aromatic smell of wild herbs and the pungent aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg. Fresh fruit and vegetables, bold, misshapen, bright and heady with that just picked smell. Nuts and dried fruits, Honey and olive oil, Loukoume laced with rose water, lemon or pistachio. Potions and lotions based on olive oil and scented with flowers and gifts of hand carved wooden ornaments . You won’t escape the allure of this exotic market place.

If you’ve still got the energy to shop and haven’t dropped then you can either wend your way down to the seafront or walk across the square and explore the everyday shops. You’ll find a bookshop, phone shop, many Ladies clothes and shoe shops, toy shops, bridal shops, Cake shops, chemists and so on and so on. In the height of the summer the temperature will probably get in the way of exploring everything at once, but there is always another day.