Monday, 15 August 2016

Swimming pools


Sea or Pool used to be the question although the time of year did have some influence, but it’s the sea for me any day. Either has provided me with a great source of entertainment. My first years in Kefalos took me to the Hermes and they had very nice pool. Positioned half way up the hill, well placed for full sun or catching the breeze and a little shade. I always went in May so the sea option was a bit daring. I’d been going for quite some years before my friends decided to see what it was all about. Jen covered from head to toe in clothes sat in the shade and Brian messed around in the pool. I people watched.
This glamorous, young, self- assured woman lay close and opted for topless bathing, turning regularly for an even sun tan. Her man had gone off somewhere when a sudden gust of wind blew up and whipped her bikini top into the pool. Brian a former life guard dove into action retrieving her top and as he swam towards her side of the pool was rewarded with a smile and size 40DD bending over him. Always prone to exaggeration ,we just couldn’t get him to the Sea after that though.

A few years later at the Zeus Hotel, Annette, Eric and I were enjoying the rays with our backs to the hotel when a photographer arrived. He was taking shots for Holiday Brochures and would we mind being in them. We were asked to pose and look natural at the same time. How on earth do you do that? Anyway we tried I kept my sunglasses on so no one would know it was me, Ron and Eric carried on as usual and Annette proved to be a better poser than the rest of us. Children splashed about in the foreground and various shots were taken, again and again. Regrettably the eagerly awaited brochure shot finished with Eric and Annette had been cut off, all that effort for nothing.

So now I choose the Sea and if I happen to be in anyone’s Holiday shots they won’t know it’s me.