Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It's not the same........thank goodness

‘It’s not the same’

Having been a regular visitor to Kos for the past twenty two years you forget how different it is to life in the UK and it was brought into sharp focus last week when my sister came to Greece for the first time.

The close proximity of the airplane to the terminal begs the question….” Do we really need a coach to arrivals?” when all it does is circumnavigate the plane and travel about 100 yards to passport control when once through to baggage reclaim it’s anyone’s guess which of the three carousels your luggage is placed on.

Then out through to the car park to hunt the car in the dark with key strategically placed but no need for a ticket. The return Journey to an airport no bigger than ASDA is just as confusing with no real idea as to which queue to get into until you look around for anyone who might be on the same flight as you and once through passport control if you fancy a cigarette then you can pop back out.

Who’d imagine you can leave your car unlocked and not worry where you park it as long as it’s not on the seafront in Kos town. Ok my car looks a bit beaten up and neglected but it goes as long as you don’t mind the alarm pinging every time you go over a bump as the door has dropped and the close door warning bell keeps reminding you to slam it. A bit disconcerting to someone used to the AA being available for a breakdown and how would someone find you anyway as most of the roads don’t seem to have names.

The relaxed atmosphere in the Cafes and restaurants when your order takes so long to come you forget what you’ve ordered can be a bit unsettling and my dad would have left many a café disappointed. You just get used to the pace of life but if you’re used to rushing here and there and juggling job, family, and dog walking then it can take a while to get in the zone. And what of cigarette smoking don’t the Greeks know the EU banned it? The menu choice is a whole new topic but I love Greek food so not a problem for me.

What about the loos? State of the art, sensor operated taps stylish décor or basic with stiff doors and let’s hunt the light switch they still all have a bin for the paper.

Super beaches, dog walking allowed and no pooper scoopers and not a life guard in sight. So what do you do if you’re in trouble? Hope for someone walking along to rescue you.

Shops like Magic emporiums in the village with everything in there and in no particular order. I think the only time Kos was ‘the same’ was the coin for the trolley at Carrefour. And where else in the world does the Assistant Bank Manager stop mid flow to pay for her Meat delivery from the butcher before resuming your meeting to arrange internet banking as long as you have a mobile phone.

But the cake shops are to die for. No pun intended what about Health and Safety? That’s another Blog post entirely.

There are so many things we faced during the week where my mantra was ‘it’s not the same’ that I’d bore you if I kept writing. But feel free to add all the things you can think of that aren’t the same.

At least the next visit won’t be such a culture shock and I know reassuringly Kos and the Greeks won’t be any different. But one thing for sure by 28th October you could easily mistake my lovely sister for a Greek woman all wrapped up in warm clothes and not shorts and a T shirt.