Sunday, 13 May 2018

Once upon a time we had a dream

Once upon a time there was a small Island Called Kos and Ron and Sally loved to go there for their holidays. Then one day Ron said “ let's live here forever and never go home” and that's how it all started and many of you have had the same dream.
And so the true tale of Greek drama began, humour, and tragedy and possibly Happy Ever After.

All the Greeks have opinions and everything is the Best and everyone is related or so it seems and everyone knows someone, who knows someone who can help. So not surprising then that Dimitris owner of the Fashion shop should double up as an Estate Agent and after so many near purchases in the past thwarted by so many reasons why not go in and ask him whilst trying on a dress. So the time was set for land hunting and a trip round the Village boundary was organised. We'd already come foul of regulations, what size of land would equate to the size of house, would there be a road with access and not cross some ones land. Would water and electric be within proximity and TV and Internet.

Ron's fantasy of living in the countryside away from it all was laid to rest with my fears of being stuck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of an emergency, would I be able to wheel those giant rubbish bins up to the main road. Would the cats be safe in the hunting season, yet not too close to the road. And so with a clear idea of our requirements we toured the village. Plot one had beautiful views across the Bay, but too expensive and no direct access. Plot two gorgeous with its own orchard established of Olive, Lemons and Medlars but rumours of Ancient ruins. So back to the apartment and Plot 3 right where we'd started from, the very view we'd been looking at year in year out. OMG this was it , why hadn't anybody told us before? The price was right and it seemingly met all the requirements and the deal was done in 2010.

I won't go into the whys and wherefores of delay even though I have every minute detail recorded in black and white and etched forever in my heart but suffice to say the journey started.

We need a builder, a good builder, and Architect, a good Architect, one who would stand up to the demands and scrutiny of Ron an Architect with many well known projects to his name. They really had to be 'The Best' and so the enquiries started and everyone knew someone, who was related to and who had done something for and so it went on.
We had three names and one stood out for his quality of work and we liked him. But we'd better shop around and so away from the village we asked our friend in Mastichari and she recommended the same one, Our friend in Zipari had the same one, however Zach is very good why not ask him and so we did. 'I've retired now' he said ' let me phone my nephew he is very good' and so he did and so of course it was the same man, who said to his Uncle he'd already met with us and all roads led back to Kefalos and all roads back to Manolis and so it was settled.

So much red tape and paperwork and legalities and visits to the Notary and the Lawyer and Architect wasn't it a relief to find you just got your plot marked out on a piece of paper, everyone knew whose bit was which and you're off and running. Not so 2013 brought in a new law and land boundaries had to be plotted by GPS even Big Brother had it's eyes on tiny Kefalos and Google Earth thank you very much and so a year later with boundaries settled and parcels of land swapped things could move forward except for the garage. You can't build two houses together on a plot without being joined in some way. And so the car port was the answer but yet again required its own planning permission and visits to the lawyer and the notary etc etc.

And so the build began and suffice to say even the earthquake last year could not shatter the stability of our footings but what did shatter my world was the death of Ron and my Mum five weeks later and so I couldn't face Kos last year, all those hopes and dreams lost in a double Tragedy.

But Kefalos calls to you, spreads it' magic and by February I was back for Apokries and to find out where my heart lay. Easter and Kristos Anesti sealed the deal and Manolis has been building like a Trojan and anyone watching from the hill above will see progress. I now nearly have a complete concrete shell, I have stairs to the first floor, when it's built of course and I have peace of mind.

So thank you Kefalos, thank you George, Frosini and Family for always being there for me and making me feel part of the family.

Thank you Christine and Ron for putting up with me, thank you Missy for sharing my bed with me even if I don't like sharing your Dog Chews and chicken leg Dog breath, thank you Manolis for introducing me to Dimitris, and thank you Manolis for doing the excellent construction work Ron knew you could do........Even if he did demand to see photos and videos along the way just to make sure. 

Thank you Sotiris for seeing it through and thank you BOO for everything.

More stage to come towards the Happy Ending