Saturday, 20 August 2016

Toilet tour on Kos

Fascinated by Greek Mythology, Greek Culture and History mum still wants to know what the Toilets are like. She bases her standards on whether she should wait till she gets home. If she can do that at 86 then I’m not going to worry long term. Mum’s got some very basic concerns about me living on Kos and this is one of them.
Well mum rest assured they do have toilets. We know you have to use the bin as the pipes are too small regardless of where you go, but usually the standard of hygiene is acceptable if not exemplary. With this toilet training issue ingrained from childhood I must admit I do still study loos in the same way and any outing on the Island has been refined to my preferred toilets. Having been locked in one on a Geography School trip to Harlech and abandoned for some time my main criteria is the lock and this standard may or may not have been met and some may have no lock at all. The issue of power cuts, however has left me locked in one particular Bar in Kefalos a few times but that isn’t their fault. So keep a torch in your handbag.
Clear signage is not so important, as long as at least 2 loos exist and preferably a door between the loos and the main venue. One set of loos in Kefalos recently reminded me of the school toilets with lots of doors off a central washing area. Still not a problem
Public toilets are few and far between although the one in Kos Town is supervised so I won’t have to worry about having the same problem as my mum. She has a habit of popping into the men’s by mistake and many a time I’ve seen her escorted out by red faced men.
I’ve never encountered just a hole in the floor on Kos like I did years ago on the beach in Aegina and the flushing systems are akin to home if not superior with the touch less flush in some. Paper has never been unavailable, although I always take precautions by taking my own.
So although my toilet tour of Kos goes without a hitch, I’m still influenced by my mother.
They're ok.