Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hitchhikers guide to Kefalos

Anybody staying in Kefalos will know that the walk up or down to the village is a major feat. Early morning and evening are manageable if you are not used to walking, but in the heat of the day an absolute no no for me. There is a train and a bus if you are prepared to wait a bit. But it is the only place in the world where I feel safe to pick up hitchhikers for a lift up to or down from the village.

It’s such fun returning old Greek ladies back up to the village after a swim and bringing another down to start work in the supermarket .They don’t speak much English, but with enough gestures and a little understanding on my part for left, right and straight on we manage. The language of Hitchhiking is universal. Would I pick someone up in the UK? I doubt it, but then I don’t see many OAP’s standing on street corners with their beach towels.