Tuesday, 5 July 2016

2004!!!!! Unforgettable....Hooligans not required

In no time at all the sounds of home are replaced by the orchestra of Greece. The white noise of cicada’s that suddenly stop……and then start . The Cockerel crowing at first light and braying of a donkey. The whining of scooters going up and down the hill to the village with the occasional screech of brakes on the bend we all know so well. The church bells ringing out in celebration of birth, death and marriage. The horns honking as the procession of cars climb up to the village for a wedding. The cackling of birds, dogs barking and cats miaowing. The Greek voices talking when it sounds like shouting and if we’re lucky Greek music and singing.

But nothing quite prepares you for the noise and sheer excitement of a whole village celebrating winning the European Cup. Up and down the hill, round and round the bay, blowing horns, hooters sounding, singing, cheering and Maria Headmistress of the Primary school standing up in the back of the car screaming her head off like crazy. Well you've got to let your hair down sometime. The party and celebrations went on all night. 2004 a memorable occasion. Not a hooligan in sight .

It isn’t noisy, loud or brash it’s awesome and you never feel alone. I love it