Wednesday, 25 September 2013

'Crete is full' Thank goodness otherwise I'd never have found Kefalos

‘Where are we going?’ said Ron. ‘Some place called Kefalos, Crete is full’ I said. And 18years later we’re still going to Kos.You get hooked for life once you go to Kefalos. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s friendly, it’s a place where you get to say Kalispera everyday and get an answer back. It’s safe, it’s laid back.

Is it beautiful? I think so, though maybe not in that breathtaking sort of way, more in that comfortable, familiar way, especially when you drive into Kamari bay from the airport and see Agios Stefanos in front of you.It’s a place that has so many hidden gems to offer and once you get to know the locals they will be pleased to share them with you. It’s also a place where anyone of any age can go and feel safe and welcome.



Why on earth did I believe that Crete could be full when there were only two pages of Hotels in the brochure? Well I'm glad I believed them then otherwise I would never have found the magic of Kefalos.