Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Dream continues

Every time I go into the English bank to pay another bill in euros for the lovely Greek Men who continue my build, the lovely Bank assistant says ' this the same Nicos as last time or another one?' ' No, this is Nicos the Electrician  ' So is this the same Manolis? no this is the Plumber' but he is his cousin and so it goes on like My Big Fat Greek Wedding where everyone has the same name and incredibly long surnames and equally long IBAN numbers.....remember always 5 zeros for the National Bank of Greece . And so the journey continues.

You can now see my house from Google Earth and when I paint it fluorescent Lime Green it will look like an alien invasion from above. I will be able to hold weddings on my verandah or so it seems as I've never seen so much concrete with the exception of a carpark. And now I have walls perfectly plumbed by the nice bricklayer up and beyond the roof I can see the house taking shape. Message to self though, stay slim as fat arses won't be able to go upstairs as I appear to have walls everywhere and won't have to worry about an open plan staircase anymore.

Days out choosing tiles, marbles, windows, doors and so on and so on all designed to get it water tight for the Winter. Who would have thought the Marble yard would be in the back of beyond without security fencing although maybe a large Dog is enough of a deterrent.The very professional Tile lady lead me patiently round the store with my back up crew all agreeing with my choices bar one and as I felt outnumbered I bowed to their expert advice over the Kitchen tiles. I still can't get used to being called Mrs Sally all the time and the spelling of my name on invoices is as Greek to me as Nicos is to Barclays.

As much as Ron would have loved to project manage the continuation of his build himself at least this way I get to do it on Frappe's in a sober manner, he'd never have been able to resist the obligatory Metaxa whilst negotiating so I do not have to include this in the budget.

Can't wait for October and another round of choices.