Saturday, 2 July 2016

I'm a morning person

I always go to Kos town first thing in the morning to avoid the real heat of the day and aim to make my way back out along the flat coastline of the north shore to Mastichari or Tigaki for lunch but still have time for snacks in Kos town. A creature of habit I park near the Odeon walk along past the museum and turn left to the shops. The shop keepers have set up small tables and chairs outside their shops today and are drinking coffee and chatting as there are so few people around at the moment. A group of school children troop past with their teachers off to look at ruins even they have to do the tourist bit and I guess there is plenty of opportunity in Kos town. Kids seem to be the feature of the day today groups on the beach in Mastichari later giggling and chattering chasing each other in and out of the sea. Marching across the square in line heading towards the Boats in the harbour. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this as I’ve met them hiking in the woods and picnicking in Plaka before. I’m on holiday though and came to get away from school children.

So back to shopping, just managed to avoid that amazing Ice cream, cake shop on the corner with every flavour imaginable and popped in for some advice in the Phone shop really helpful in there. Straight over to the Agora and the aroma hits you before you even go in. Herbs, spices, olives, honey, fruit and veg, perfumes, lotions, potions you name it it’s there and out into the Square for coffee, cake and people watching.


No one is hurrying, people saunter around taking photos, posing, taking selfies and soaking up the atmosphere. Even the business men cool in suits with open necked shirts cross the square purposefully but unhurried with briefcases and smart shoes stop for takeout coffees on their way through. Watching the world go by is only a precursor to other things…………