Sunday, 3 July 2016

Beach Babe! I wish

I love being on the beach. I’m a people watcher. I sit in the shade following it round with my head under the umbrella and my legs in the sun. This requires plenty of space and although I appreciate all the beaches around Kefalos and what they have to offer my criteria is matched on Magic Beach. Space, shallow water around the edges, peace and quiet mainly, toilets and a Taverna close by.

I can’t swim so I float around in the shallows as long as I can get into the surf with no rocks, no slippery bits and no sudden drop so I have to line myself up with a particular sunshade along the line to feel safe. I’d love to be able to return from the sea to my sunbed  looking  like Ursula Andress but never manage it. I’m always stumbling about, looking for the best exit route and invariably catch a wave that finally helps me with that final flounder onto the beach. So Beach Babe I am not.

So I just love to watch the cool people, the ones who manage to look like their make- up is still in place, the sun worshipers who stand by the sea turning slowly like a Spit Roast to get an even sun tan. The Prominaders with their bum bags on a jaunty angle that walk and talk, if they haven’t got headphones on from one bay to another. The Kindle readers who don’t have to worry when a sudden gust of wind blows their paperback down the beach. The organised picnickers with cool bags and water melons anchored in the sea to stay chilled. The Jet skiers zipping along out of harm’s way and the serious swimmers and every Sunday for as long as I can remember this same woman swims slowly and deliberately to Paradise and back while her husband reads the paper.

I love it and nobody notices what I’m doing which is perfect unless of course Ron starts snoring for England and I have to bash him every so often or turn him over to ensure an ‘even sun tan’ instead of a bucket of un cool sea water.

The strangest thing I’ve ever seen though was a rather large, tall, rotund, naked man walking his Poodle Dog on a lead along the seashore. Not cool, not attractive but definitely brave. I must have misjudged my spot on the beach that day. Still I do love people watching…………