Saturday, 2 July 2016

Highway I

Highway 1 as I call it from Kefalos to Kos makes an interesting ride and if only they had a double decker bus with the top off. The journey would be the better for it so that all the senses could be used to fully experience the journey.

It’s early summer and the sun hasn’t had chance to dry out the land yet, so the landscape is fresh and blossoming. The surrounding fields are golden and newly mown. Wild flowers are buzzing with bees and vivid blue Morning Glories raise their heads to the sun. Great waves of Pink and White Oleander line the road from Kefalos to Antimachia.

Grazing in the distance are small flocks of sheep, tethered cows next to their calves and herds of goats with their Bells Jingling as the climb over the rocks and rough pasture. Women wearing head scarves to protect them from the sun are collecting berries and herbs as chickens wander round their feet.

Pockets of Olive groves and vineyards appear in this patchwork landscape and as you get nearer to the turning for Zia the white ducks quack on the little lake. The Mountains loom up to my right cloaked in deep green pine trees almost to the tip and houses nestle in their midst. To my left the sea and distant Islands feature on the horizon.

The occasional Farm shop has set up by the road and old, new and unfinished houses sit left and right of me. Garden stores, Bakeries, Fashion stores appear from nowhere and the closer you get to Zipari and beyond the more shops and Businesses line the road. Yet still the backdrop of fields and farm animals remain but now the serious commercial end has started. Lidl, Peugeot, Toyota, Bridal wear, Tool hire and framing this picture of trade are Hibiscus, bougainvillea and scented geraniums tumbling out from the gaps in the wall or over the driveways.

As I drive into Kos town the old car park is scented with Honeysuckle and Jasmine and brightly coloured shrubs line my walk in to the centre and I’ve arrived for another sensory experience.