Saturday, 11 June 2016

Birthdays, Private Music, Song and Dance

I’ve been going to Kefalos for so many years now, that during that time I’ve seen babies arrive, grandparents pass away, children grow up and have their own children and watched the wheel of life pass by siga siga. Most of you regulars will have adopted and been adopted by families because that is the Greek way and a great privilege it is too considering for many this snapshot in time at best maybe for only 2 weeks in the year.
I have a number of very special family friends and true to life all different, yet not necessarily all friends themselves but still held dear in my heart. I’ve attended weddings and christenings, Namedays and special occasions which with limited Greek involves a lot of smiling and drinking and nodding and let’s hope I nodded the right way as this method of communication can be a mine field.
So imagine just how special and honoured we felt when Manolis one of our Greek babies, now a young man played Greek music and sang for Ron’s birthday as his present and how little Dimitris only 18 months danced Traditional Greek for him. It was truly a privilege ,a very kind thought and act of love indeed.
ps and drank local wine from the Village it's delicious. Volcania Winery