Thursday, 16 June 2016

Things go bump in the night.

At the end of the evening after a night out in Kefalos the last thing I want to do is walk back up the hill. That’s one hell of a hill from Kamari Bay to Kefalos as I’m sure you know so I’d much rather drive. But if you get a chance to walk you might just be in for a treat. For this is the time that the night shift takes over from the day shift and the Nocturnal animals appear.

Rustling in the undergrowth will probably be a cat and kittens but if you’re lucky you’ll find a hedgehog  rummaging around in the bushes or sitting bold as brass on the verge at the side of the road you might see a little owl so cute and perfectly proportioned . If you look really closely at the walls of your apartment you might spot the Jelly Babies as I call them ,small Mediterranean  geckos almost transparent with lovely little hands and feet as they cling to the ceilings and walls as they wait for the night insects. Dogs go by on patrol as they tour there estates.

If you’ve still got the energy to look up then the night sky has the most spectacular view of all. Clear, cloudless, unpolluted skies filled with stars as far into the Galaxy that you can see. A star-gazers paradise of recognisable Constellations and if you’re lucky the Milky Way. Take time out to experience night-time on Kos and take your camera if you can. The nights are as magical as the day.