Thursday, 9 June 2016

Frappe's Cafes and Banks

Show me a Bank anywhere on a Monday morning that isn’t busy. The weekend’s takings, bills for the month, pension withdrawals, money exchange and any number of reasons to be at the bank. The ease at which you could pop into your local Greek bank has now been replaced with a number system like the cheese counter at Tesco’s and old and young alike sit inside and out, waiting their turn. So what’s an hour and a half wait in a warm Greek Climate  when I’m only number 15.

Time passes slowly in the village bank. Occasionally friends and relatives cheat the queuing system by banking for two or three at a time and who can blame them if they’ve got a business to run, but no one gets cross as they pass the time of day chatting, flicking worry beads or playing with their mobile phones. Queuing might be a very British thing but the irritable edginess , sighing and tutting isn’t evident this morning in this Greek bank. I’d much rather bank in the village than Kos town any day. If you’re number 183 in the queue you could spend a small fortune in Frappes from the Taverna across the way with a clear view of the number system. I know, been there, done it and got the T shirt and lots of other things while I’ve waited.

η υπομονή είναι μια ελληνική αρετή μερικές φορές

Patience is a Greek virtue sometimes.