Saturday, 19 October 2013

Priest on the Beach. He doesn't need a Man Bag.

It's a great sight to see people on the beach. Tourists and locals alike. The ladies often pop down for a swim whilst others are having a siesta and Yia Yia's and Papou's supervise their grandchildren from the back of the beach perched on a chair in the shade. Everbody enjoys the cool of the water in the afternoon and no better sight is the local priest popping off his robes and trainers and putting his valuables in his hat while he takes a dip. Who needs a man bag?

I'd like to know what you men do with your valuables on the beach when wearing shorts and shirts. There is so much choice for us women where beach bags are concerned or little handbags, but what do the men do?

I've given up letting Ron take his Man bag on holiday as he forgets he's got it and leaves it everywhere. Many thanks to the Magic beach restaurant owners for being so alert otherwise all our worldly goods, passports included would have been lost and thanks to Manolis Kapsoulis who knows what he's like.