Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Island Hopping

How do you choose one Boat from another when they are all offering a wonderful day out Island Hopping? Well by recommendation of course and this time it was Michael our lovely Accountant. 'Look for my mum' ,he said 'She's the blonde lady called Christina and dad's named the boat after her'.
Not difficult to find on a Sunday morning and as to be expected the whole family were involved.

We had a great day out, swimming in Pserimos in shallow waters. Even while eating in the Tavernas you can expect to sit with your toes in the water. A strange experience as there isn't a road. BBQ Lunch was followed by a trip into Vathi on Kalymnos for shopping and eating. A lovely place to explore or just sit and relax.

and then a great opportunity for Dolphin watching and dancing. It's just a shame afterwards that a certain member of my family decided to swim too far and too fast after lunch and required rescuing. Many thanks for your Life Saving skills. We shall come aboard again.