Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dance and Drama it's all Greek to me.

Popi's performance in Pyli couldn't go unnoticed. It's not easy to get away from your restaurant in peak tourist season so Ron and I volunteered to go and took our family with us.

The first hurdle was finding the Community Centre and although we asked the Priest he was more interested in showing us around the church and either didn't understand our Anglo Greek or didn't want us to go. I don't know who was more surprised to see us in the audience him or us. We were the only foreigners there however and took care to sit on the back row, less conspicuous or so we thought.

I think the play was a Tragedy, although it could be mistaken for a comedy. It was all Greek to us and it was like watching a farce, courtesy of Stage management. We saw more off stage than on, because of the damn curtains, they were either too far in from the sides or too far out, either way the poor actors could be seen on and off stage all at once. We apologise for laughing but it wasn't at the quality of the performance.

The actors did a great job under more pressure than they could ever imagine.
Popi was magnificent and all the other Thespians.