Saturday, 12 October 2013

Where would you rather shop?

Took mum yesterday for her weekly aerobics session. She’s a little lady about Five foot nothing, 6 stone wet through and 86 years old. Easily identifiable or so I thought, until I had the where’s Wally experience while I waited for a little old lady in a red top, white hair and check trousers to come out of the bank. Anyway picked up the right one and took her to classes.


It’s a big space, easy for parking, toilet and restaurant facilities provided. Taxi service available for after and plenty of opportunities for light snacks and soft drinks. It was a bit cold to start with in the freezer section but by the time we reached Detergents it felt a bit warmer. Mum picked her way through all the dates on the packs, looked for all the best chicken pieces, the longest date on the bread and each time she stood on tip toe and reached for the back of the shelf. Some of the exercises were beyond mum as the top shelf really was too high. By the time we reached the checkout her cardiovascular workout was over, her stretch exercises were complete and her lower leg and upper arm muscles had had a fantastic workout.



I can’t help think that the Shopping in Kefalos  is a far better experience. No air miles involved, no need for big car parks. The fish is brought up to the village, the supermarket owners add their own produce from their ‘Farms’ such as fresh figs and melons and you can still get a cup of coffee afterwards and have a chat with someone you know. Sit in the centre of the village and you see all the locals picking up their fruit and veg and if they are unable to get out I know for certain that shop keepers like Elias from the Butchers will do a delivery service. I know which experience I’d rather have. What about you?