Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Well sometimes you have to.....

Why not have a mini break we thought? We'd always gone self catering because that way we had an excuse to eat out whenever we liked and that was every day with the choice available in the resort. Unless Irene had loaded us up with produce from the garden, tomato's, eggs, peppers, water melon, honey melon, figs and so on. So breakfast was always omelettes followed by melon, fruit and yoghurt. Shopping always included water, vodka and juice for a starter and a finisher and a bottle of metaxa 5 star and greek coffee for the brikee and anti mosquito paraphanalia.

So what a good idea to book a mini break in Kos town, after all the driving back and forth can get a bit tedious. So we surfed the Net and came up with Gaia Gardens.No we didn't need picking up from the airport, no we didn't have much luggage, no we didn't want the buffet, but we would have breakfast.
We found it with ease using 'Konstantinos' as our landmark and the fire station in Lambi as an additional map reference and arrived midday. 

Are you sure you don't want dinner it's all included? 
We didn't we were going into Kos town but we did enjoy the pool and the gardens. Didn't notice many English voices they all seemed to be Dutch or German.Returning from an evening in town we went to the bar. Cocktails what else,we were on holiday.Round number 1 all free, that's funny we thought must be one on the house .
round 2 free again bit suspicious perhaps it was because we'd ordered in Greek, ok let's have one more and insist we pay. 'please let us pay' we said. No everything on your list is free, it's all inclusive.
Still didn't catch on until we went for the fourth by which time we'd got a taste for it.

So when they offered us another night for free we decided to make the most of the all inclusive cocktails.Really enjoyed our mini bar....oops sorry mini break and went back to Kefalos to continue our holiday.