Sunday, 3 June 2018

Cocktails and chickens don't mix

Dawn, the heralding of a new day, when the sun gradually floats up on the horizon with a soft warm glow drifting up to its place in the sky like a child’s balloon and sways gently in the clear blue sky until bedtime. Peace..........I must have been dreaming........No sadly I wasn't.

So why? oh why do the bloody chickens not know this? Who forgot to tell the cockerel, Dawn is when he starts, not clucking and squarking all bloody night long. Anyone would think he and all the others were training for the Welsh Male Choir. Though that would have been bliss to my ears not the cacophonous sound of off tune,screeching, misaligned baritones, bass and the backup chicks with the high pitched sopranos.

So thank you very much. Now the suns up well and truly I am going back to bed.

Message to self......don’t drink cocktails in the afternoon it makes me grumpy.

P.S. "How did that bloody chicken get on my Balcony Christine?"