Sunday, 4 September 2016

Early Dawn

The cockerel heralds the dawn as the sun slowly rises up across the Bay and the occasional donkey braying cuts into the silence of the morning. A hot summer night now subsides into a cool early morning and sleep is almost possible.  Almost, but for the clattering of the Bin men making their early visit and the beeping sound as they reverse. The two stroke engines of people going to work have yet to start going up and down the hill. And the occasional sound of a dog barking resounds around the Valley.

Sitting out on the balcony it’s still slightly damp from dew but it’s so tranquil. The Magpies have started arguing, they sound like cackling women as they hop from branch to branch. The silent stick insect clings to the wall in the same spot as the night before and the ant’s scurry back and forth seemingly never sleeping. Tiny scorpions hide under rocks, something I must remember when treading barefoot.

As the sky brightens and the muted light sharpens I can see movement above me on the rocks. You can just about make out a family of Quail scrabbling about they are too small for grouse and you can just about see this secretive bird. I love this peaceful start to the day sitting and watching as the warm pinks and oranges spread out in front of me and become blue as far as the eye can see. Not a cloud in the Sky.