Sunday, 6 November 2016

My Big Fat Birthday Experience

When you’ve been invited to a kids Birthday party images of jelly and ice cream, cocktail sausages immediately spring to mind, with kids running around screaming and playing organised party games. And when I was a child in the 60’s the added bonus of sharing germs and catching Chicken Pox. Mumps or Measles. I’m sure parties are so much more sophisticated nowadays  but I didn’t know what to expect from a Greek one.

My Big Fat Birthday Experience for little Dimitris’ I’m 2 Birthday party was fantastic. Food, food, glorious food. Not a crisp or cheesy Wotsit in sight. Papou George barbecuing Souvlaki and sausage and other meats, Papou Dimitri playing mine host and ferrying freshly prepared salads, pittas, pies and all sorts of finger food to the table as it sagged under the weight of delicious Greek food. The Grandmothers mingling with the guests ensuring everyone one was happy and eating. The wine wasn’t flowing at 6 in the afternoon as everyone seemed to be enjoying Frappe but Boo my sister and I did get a carafe of wine.

The desserts were to die for and as Gianni’s is a Patissier what else would you expect and the Birthday cake was a work of art. I know I’m focusing heavily on the food but it was just so good and of course so……much. Families beautifully dressed arrived with their children and everyone sat around chatting. The kids ran around playing with each other and a few sat quietly playing on their Tablets. The atmosphere of happiness and contentment pervaded.

The Birthday song was sung in Greek and English. I don’t know why, but everyone knew the words and the blowing out of the candles met with almost as much excitement as the bashing of the Pinata. The Kids actually took their turns and went off happily clutching sweets .We left early as more people arrived, more food was served and more happy chatting could be heard. I only wish I liked Candyfloss as looking back into the room it was so sweet to see the kids queuing up for the freshly made pink confection.I’m looking forward to the next party.