Friday, 8 November 2013

Limnionas for simple pleasures

You can imagine Shirley Valentine sitting alone on the edge of this quiet Bay watching the little fishing boats bobbing about on the water whilst the fishermen mend their nets and sell their sponges. The little bay is quiet, safe and protected from the waves crashing against rocks that form the natural entrance to harbour.


The colours of the rocks vary from rich reds, soft yellow ochres and blue grey. The Seagulls rest a while, waiting for a chance to get a free meal from the fishermen and the tourists spend a while standing in the shallows, taking photos .It's a photographers paradise.

Take time to eat in the Taverna and enjoy the fish.I love the Octopus Keftedes and Ouzo.

If you sit for long enough you might just notice four people swimming away from the tourists. When they come out of the water, supporting each other as they climb back up, they retrieve their hidden walking sticks from the bushes and ride off on their scooters, with the ladies sitting side saddle. What a wonderful site to see four elderly local people enjoying Limnionas for themselves and who knows how many years they have been doing this and for how many more years they will get such pleasure from their homeland

Limnionas is a beautiful place to visit. You will need transport.