Friday, 8 November 2013

Ampavris! A country lovers escape in town.

The quietness of Kefalos and the laid back approach of the Restauranteurs is stark contrast to the busier approach in Kos Town. So when Apostolis from the Leather Shop suggested Ampavris  I was surprised to find myself in the middle of the Countryside and only fifteen minutes walk  from the Old Town and the main shops. Cicadas serenade you unless you go on a night when the musicians play for you. The smell of wild herbs and freshly cooked food entices you to try new delicacies.
You'll find yourself in an old farm courtyard, amongst diners from all over the world, who like me have found this little piece of magic. The specialities are Meze made from traditional ingredients and it will be your chance to try vegetarian dishes of wild greens and meat dishes not always seen on the usual menus. Manolis won't let you over eat, so take it slowly and 'siga siga' try a few dishes at a time. You can find more familiar dishes as well.
We found ourselves sitting by the Farmer from next door, who popped home to get us some fresh yoghurt that he'd made earlier , it was 'nostimos'. A place with a difference and a proprietor with a very dry sense of humour. So if you're staying in Kos Town and just fancy escaping for an evening to the countryside, it really isn't far to go.