Saturday, 17 February 2018



As dusk descends in sleepy Kefalos and the air is tainted by wood smoke and charcoal as if by magic they appear, drawn towards the centre of the old school. One by one ghouls creep out of the doorways, slip down alleyways, slowly and silently make their way back to the hub, the centre of all beginnings. Ghosts, spider men, geishas, frogs, Spanish dancers, boys dressed as girls, girls as boys as all manner of wierdness gathers as the light dims.


They are waiting for something just like the pied piper of Hamlin. Then they appear the Greek players with their Bazooki and fiddle and as they start to play their tune the children gather and more and more arrive. Arranged like a wedding party the Bride and Groom lead the children as they follow the musicians through the tiny streets and more people join the throng as they weave their way in and out of the back streets of Kefalos.


They are drawn by the sound and the smell of wood smoke towards the centre where the folks await. They follow a weird donkey like creature as it leads them towards the BBQ. Mini souvlaki are being prepared for the small children by men of the village.


They arrive to witness the marriage of the strange bride and groom by the child priest and dance the night away to celebrate the festival of Apokries......


The youngsters of the night dance to the mournful sound of the players and perform many traditional dances throughout the evening. A contrast of dark and light, shadows and bright as the young people make the most of fun, laughter and feast of meat before 40 days of lent.