Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mosquitos no way.

The only thing that puts me off the warm summer nights are mosquitos. I like to sleep with the windows open and so the dilemma begins . Do I risk being bitten or do I stay cool?  Do I tuck myself under the sheets with PJ's covering all exposed areas and at the same time hug a previously frozen bottle of water or do I try something else. So over the years I've tried a number of techniques.

Plug ins seem to work as long as you're immediately in the flight path. Sprays and slow burn coil candles are designed to stop you breathing and the coil has been known to explode producing thick, smelly black smoke. Battery operated devices designed to emit the signal of either male or female mosquito don't seem to function and Citronella candles blow out .

So I've resorted to tenting with a lesser or greater degree of success. I use to affix Netting to the window openings but the tape kept falling off. I've sourced the ideal Mosquito net on the Net and found self -supporting tents or Pods.

They do the trick although they have the habit of falling down in the night and it does take two to erect them one struggling to hold one set of bendy wires up while the other tries to match the other uprights. They do inhibit reading in bed as any weight pushed against any side causes the thing to collapse so no chance of any other activities. Safe from Mosquitos as long as you don't move.

Absolutely no good after a night of drinking as the inside/outside zip takes delicate movement and drunken forgetfulness causes a major catastrophe and many a night my niece and I have seen a Tent covered figure ricocheting off the wardrobe on its way to the loo. By the morning said figure has needed to be unravelled from the netting and supports with bites to exposed parts.