Sunday, 31 July 2016

Priest with a paintbrush

When you're at home the Clergy don't seem to be so noticeable somehow, but on Kos they are part of every day life be it sitting in a Taverna having a coffee playing Tavla , putting their feet up in the Bank flipping their komboloi, Strutting down the beach for a swim or dancing at a Festival. It's normal and the full Black Clothing stands out far more than a Dog Collar.

What I didn't expect to see as my friend Gaynor and I strolled up towards the water mill in Zia was an Illustrious Priest donned in black with Adidas trainers, jeans, cigarette in one hand and paint brush in the other white washing the walls of the Church. You'd think he'd have changed his clothes first. Don't you just love Greece?


I hope he didn't paint it all himself.