Saturday, 16 July 2016


I’d had my Greek lessons, been practicing for months and thought I’d go beyond ‘Good morning’, ‘how are you?’ fine etc. and try something real in the Bookshop in Kefalos. Browsing the shelves for Greek Grammar books and trying to look cool and Knowledgeable I ventured a question. ‘Μιλάς λίγο ελληνικά;’ I said smiling. Smiling back at me the man said ‘Actually I speak a lot of Greek and a little English’. How embarrassing was that?
Should have bought this and now have in my collection
So I decided the best thing I could do was come away with a Children’s Greek book as that was obviously my level.
This was what I went for and eventually bought when I'd got over my embarrassment.

Not to be put off some years later I bought a card for my niece for her wedding, it did cross my mind briefly why there was a baby on it.  I went to Kapsoulis for a drink and asked Manolis to translate it for me. He looked at it and said 'congratulations on your marriage' then paused, looked at me and followed it up with 'and on the baptism of your baby'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My reaction was 'You are joking!!!!!!!!' and he said no, he hadn't actually seen one but obviously if they do cards saying both, they must have both at the same time.!!
I promptly went straight back and asked if I could change it, the guy  was extremely apologetic and said he hadn't read it properly, immediately changed the card for one just saying'marriage'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So I smiled and he smiled back and I think we might just be even.

So if you want to practice your Greek by all means go into the Bookshop he really is helpful but if you're a bit shy then use the following link. I now have quite a number of books from both places.