Thursday, 23 June 2016

Service with a smile.......

It’s been talked about for weeks over a few bottles of Mythos during the winter. Designs have been drawn, area measured, adjustments made and wood ordered from Antimachia’s wood yard. A space has been cleared and the wait begins for the seasoned wood to arrive. Many more beers are consumed over the tense wait for materials.

At last they arrive, but not enough, some still remains somewhere on a small Greek Island. Avrio, maybe ? May as well start though. With sawing and chiselling the surprise feature begins to take shape. The heat of the day has to be factored in and chance of rain although slim might impede the process but despite delays from Antimachia , the project is still on schedule.

Precision finished ,beautifully crafted and hand painted, so only one small detail remains for perfection to be achieved and it to be fit for purpose. So fabrics are chosen, cut and sewn and the great plan comes together.

So just imagine how it must feel to walk round to the local Butcher and find not only can you spend time choosing the cut of meat you want and pass the time of day pleasantly chatting, but that you can sit down on a carefully thought out cushioned bench. The elderly ladies of Kefalos are treated with respect and kindness and anyone who can’t make it to the shop gets a home delivery. If they are really lucky they might just get to appreciate some flowers in there as well. It’s the only place in Greece that I’ve come across fresh Freesias from the family garden.


"Excuse me, what have you done with the Ladies?"