Monday, 2 December 2013

Food glorious food with a touch of magic or secret ingredient.

If you are a foodie you won’t be disappointed in Kefalos. You will see the same traditional Greek recipes in all the Tavernas but don’t expect them to be the same. Each family adds a touch of magic, a secret ingredient, a local herb, a drop of wine , a spoonful of honey and above all else local olive oil. Visit at the right time of year and enjoy the seasonal products and specialities. I just love Frosini’s sweet almond stuffed tomatoes, although you might be a bit surprised by the preparation method (it’s amazing how many uses lime can be put to and that’s not the fruit .I just can’t get enough of Evangalia’s Ravani, Yorgo’s cheese with the red wine crust that he dries on the roof of the restaurant, Krisoula’s Bekri meze is awesome, Stamatias's  Kokinisto, Manoli's Chef Salad, Bobby's Octopus and Chickpea Keftedes, Sabastian's Grilled Octopus etc etc . I could go on and on with all my favourites, but it’s for you to find your own. And if you just fancy a egg and chips, Pizza or Burger or even Scampi well someone will be able to accommodate your tastes.
With an abundance of fresh fruit , vegetables and cheese, who needs meat? The locally caught fish is delicious and eggs are not just eggs.

When I move in permanently next year I will make it a mission to try every Taverna and Bar from one end of Kamari Bay to the other. Not everyday of course that would turn me into a bit of a Lush and have a serious impact on my Pocket money. I'll try lunch, snacks, Evening meal, cake and ice cream all in the aim of 'keeping fit' with Christine and Missy no wonder my Blogs called 'Keep fit whose Kidding" and when I've finished along the seafront' I'll try the Village and go to all those I haven't been to already..

But when you're only there for a few weeks holiday a year where do you eat?

After 24 Years of Kefalos for me it's about relationships and quality, being made to feel welcome and know that if I don't want chips and rice I just have to say. How do you choose a place to eat?
So many factors.

  •  proximity to the Beach, Sea View, Sunset, Mountains, 
  • Not too far to go back to the Accommodation if you've got Kids or you can't walk too far.
  • You've got picky eaters who are nervous of 'foreign Food'
  • You want somewhere quiet and intimate, or loud and busy, or you can watch the TV on the Big Screen
  • you want Greek Dancing or music
  • you want to sing and dance and enjoy Karaoke
  • you want to feel safe about the toilets
  • you want to sit indoors or outdoors
  • you've heard about it from others
and so the list goes on.

I just love it all and have been inspired to create my own versions of Greek recipes. If you have a recipe of your own to share then please add it to the comments section.
Sally’s recipes in homage to Greek ingredients and Kefalos friends.
Aubergine BBQ  rolls
Slice finely, lengthwise large aubergines.
Brush with olive oil and roll round a fresh basil leaf, cube of feta and either a fresh or sundried, sunblushed tomatoe and put on a skewer. Brush again with olive oil and BBQ.
Omelette with fresh mint and feta
Finely chop a few fresh mint leaves to taste. Feta cheese to taste, 6 eggs
Melt a knob of butter into a frying pan and add eggs. Gradually stir eggs into the middle to make the omelette. While still soft add crumbled feta and fresh mint leaves and fold over. Serve with fresh tomatoes for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Tuna pasta, so easy to make and eat hot or cold.
Sauté onion sliced, garlic, green pepper and big old misshapen delicious tomato (tin of tomato if fresh not available)
Soften down in a little olive oil and simmer for about 20 mins. Add a pinch of sugar to taste
In a bowl crumble some feta, add a few olives if you like and torn fresh basil leaves. I also add some chopped sundried tomatoes at home and a few cherry tomatoes to give depth.
Cook some pasta. Drain off the water and combine all the ingredients together.