Friday, 27 September 2013

Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Midday sun

Many years ago my white skinned, red headed son went down to the beach for the day and spent all the time safely under the umbrella, unfortunately he didn't realise his protective brolly had little perforations like a tea strainer and the pixelated effect was not only rediculous to look at ,but the effects of sun burn were very uncomfortable.The quality of brollies has moved on since then.

With so many lovely beaches on the Island and so many sandy beaches within a stones throw of Kefalos it's not long before tourists and locals alike get down to the sea, strip off and do what people do in the sun.Sunbeds and sunshades are well worth investing in, and this year on some beaches the humble umbrella has been replaced with beautiful bamboo shades.

The sun is always there and not so true in the UK. So why do so many people expose themselves in the midday sun? Not to be recommended, but so many do and evidenced later that night with red, peeling sunburnt bodies exposed for the first time after the cool, rainy climate of the UK. The days are plenty and the daylight hours are long with enough time to catch the rays. The breeze is cooling, but dangerously deceptive while it gently toasts you. If you forget your after sun then Greek yogurt has many uses and is very cooling on sunburn.